Obstretic TENS Machine - MH8200 Labor Childbirth TENS with Remote
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MH8200 Obstetric TENS

For Woman Before, During and After Childbirth

17 Deluxe Pads Included! 

For use only with approval from your doctor.

The MH8200 Obstetric TENS comes with 5 preset specialty programs and user 3 programmable programs. The preset TENS programs have been specifically designed for use with childbirth amd both during and after pregnancy. The programmable programs are available to be set and stored by you should you need them.

TENS Programs:

P1-P3: User programmable programs.

P4: Pain relief during childbirth.

P5: During and after pregnancy for pain relief pelvis, back and neck.

P6: During and after pregnancy for massage.

P7: During and after pregnancy for circulation.

P8: After pregnancy for getting back in shape.

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