TENS machines have been used for many years to successfully assist in the management of many types of pain and discomfort. Our TENS machines are top of the range and are very simple to use - just select the desired setting and intensity and you are ready to experience the many benefits of TENS/EMS! What's more our machines can run from a single 9V battery and are small and portable so you can take them almost anywhere, plus they can also be run from the included 240V AC adaptor if you have access to mains power and prefer not to use a battery.

 Our TENS / EMS Combo machines are high powered units which have both TENS and EMS functionality giving you all the benefits of TENS for pain management and also EMS to help strenghen injured areas. We have been using and selling TENS units for over 15 years so if you have any questions or would like some assistance in selecting the correct TENS machine for you feel free to give us a call and we can help you out.

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TENS Machine MH8000P (EMS) Combo - ON SALE NOW!
  Powerful, Easy to Use, Dual Channel TENS & EMS Machine New Model! Can Now..
MH8001 Fully Digital 4 Channel High Power TENS/EMS Combo
  Our Most Powerful TENS/EMS Machine! 4 Channel, Fully Digital, 50 Programs, AC/DC Power&..
MH6000P 2 Channel TENS/EMS Combo
  A Small, Light Weight, Portable and Great Value TENS Machine Updated Model! Can No..
Obstretic TENS Machine - MH8200 Labor Childbirth TENS with Remote
MH8200 Obstetric TENS For Woman Before, During and After Childbirth 17 Deluxe Pads Includ..
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