Easy Order

We offer numerous safe payment options

Purchasing is easy with Primivo. We offer multiple payment options including: Credit and Debit Cards, Stripe, PayPal, Zip Pay, Cash, Cheque and Direct Deposit.
If you want to pay by Cheque or Direct Deposit, or by Visa, MasterCard or Amex over the phone please call 1300 789 541.
Our online store aims to make ordering safe, fast, and as simple as possible with
  • Multi-platform accessibility - So, whether you use your PC, tablet or smartphone, you will enjoy effortless site navigation
  • Tracking - Our smart system will help you find where you left off if you have to attend to something else or get cut-off mid-order.
  • Multiple Search options - Selecting appropriate products is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. We have created a range of ways to locate the most suitable product for your needs.
  • Smart Re-Ordering - with an Account you can see your order history and easily reorder products on your Shopping List, and Create reminders for yourself so you can check you need to restock. We recommend creating an account. It makes life much easier!