First Aid Kit Checklist

Nobody anticipates an emergency in the workplace, however, unfortunately, accidents and emergencies sometimes happen. An organised and properly stocked first aid kit can supply peace of mind in a medical emergency. Additionally, this simple preparation could help to save a life.
Safe Work Australia, a Government statutory agency, established in 2009, mandates that all workers be able to access a first aid kit in their workplace. Many workplaces find that a first aid kit checklist is helpful in maintaining a safe workplace, poised to respond to any emergencies that may arise. Safe Work Australia guidelines require kits that contain basic equipment for treatment of various injuries, which may include:
  • Cuts, abrasions, punctures, or splinters
  • Muscle strains or sprains
  • Small burns
  • Open cuts or bleeding wounds
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Injuries to the eye area
  • Shock
While kits may be any physical size, they should be large enough to contain all necessary items, and be immediately identifiable---which means they must be marked with a white cross against a green background. Kits must also contain a list of the contents inside, and be made of a material that protects against dust and moisture. According to Safe Work Australia, kits must include:
  • Instructions for providing basic first aid, including CPR
  • A notebook and pen 
  • pocket resuscitation mask or face shield 
  • A minimum of 5 pairs of disposable examination gloves 
  • Gauze pieces in seven and a half cm length, sterile (three per pack, and a minimum of five packs)
  • Eight bottles of saline solution (15 ml)
  • Ten injury cleaning wipes
  • One pack of 50 count fabric or plastic band aides (or other form of dressing strips)
  • Ten single use Splinter probes 
  • One pair of tweezers or forceps 
  • One bottle of 50 ml antibacterial spray or liquid  (this helps to fight germs)
  • Six small non-sticky injury dressing/pad (sized 5x5 cm) 
  • One 10x10 cm-sized injury pad/dressing
  • Three cotton bandages (5 cm-sized)
  • Three 7.5 cm Conforming cotton bandage
  • One 10 cm Crepe bandage (for serious bleeding and pressure application)
  • One pair of scissors 
  • One roll of hypoallergenic adhesive tape
  • One pack of six safety pins 
  • One medium Blood Pressure Control dressing No. 14
  • One large Blood Pressure Control dressing No. 15
  • One Dressing Combination Pad, sized 9 x 20 cm
  • One Plastic bag-clip seal
  • Two triangular bandages (must be sized a minimum width 90 cm)
  • One emergency rescue blanket (for hypothermia or shock) 
  • Four single-use eye pads
  • Access to 20 minutes of clean running water or (if this is not available hydro gel) 
  • Instant ice pack (For the treatment of various bug bites or stings as well as soft tissue injuries)
  • There are different levels of First Aid Kit contents, which are typically dictated by a risk assessment. As an example, a higher risk of eye injury may exist for those who work around chemicals or caustic powders or for workers who are responsible for cutting, welding or spraying flying particles. For those who work in this type of environment, it is a necessity for a First Aid Kit to contain specific eye wash materials and fixtures. These include:
    • Eye wash and shower equipment
    • An appropriate deluge facility complete with a permanent hand-held shower hose
    • A portable plastic hose designed easily fix to a tap water spout
    • A simple spout (for relatively low risk workplaces)
    Just like employees who may work in close proximity to dangerous chemicals, those who may risk serious burns must have immediate access to first aid materials such as
    • A telephone for contacting emergency services
    • Cool, running water
    • An appropriate deluge facility
    • A permanent hand-held shower hose
    • A portable plastic or rubber shower hose designed to be easily fused to a tap water spout (for small relatively low risk workplaces)
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