Snake Bite Kit - Premium - 2 Bandage
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Our Premium Snake Bite Kit contains emergency first aid items to treat one person if bitten by a snake.

It is packed in a durable soft pack bag that can be worn on your belt, or included in your backpack etc. 

It contains 2 x Premium Snake Bite Heavyweight Compression Bandages with continuous indicators that help your ensure you have the correct pressure over the entire limb.

Suitable for the treatment of all Australian snake & Funnel Webbed Spider bites.

Thermal blanket included to treat shock/hypothermia and is highly reflective if you are in a remote location.

Marker included to mark the bite area for further treatment.


    Risk Rating Snake and Spider Bite No. People Covered 1
    Item Count 6 Case Lightweight, Zip, Softpack
    Type Portable Locale Rural
    colour Green
    SIZE L11 x W5 x H15cm  Weight 180g

    Other Considerations:

    • A more comprehensive First Aid Kit should also be considered for other illnesses and injuries.
    • First Aid Training is essential to saving a life.  Call us to book your refresher.


    • 2 x Premium Indicator Compression Bandages (10cm x 4.5m each)
    • 1 x Thermal Blanket
    • 1 x Gauze Swab 7.5cm 
    • 1 x Marker Pen
    • 1 x Snake Bite Treatment Guide
    • 1 x First Aid Bag with Belt Straps

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