Mini Emergency Hand Crank Portable Solar Radio, Torch & USB Charger
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Ensure you are prepared for an Emergency with our Emergency Portable Torch Radio. 

Power up anytime and anywhere, it is a must for the family home during storms/blackouts and for outdoor adventurers.  

It can be charged/used without electricity as an emergency radio/torch and can charge your mobile phone in an emergency so you can call for help. 


  • Torch with 1W long-lasting powerful LED
  • AM/FM Radio 
  • USB Charger (1000mAh Power Bank) - Charge your phone or device with a Micro/USB cable. 
  • Recharge in 3 ways without an electrical power source. (Hand Crank, Solar & USB)
  • Water resistant with IPx3 rating  
  • No Batteries required 
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Our Emergency Torch Radio is a great addition to our below remote & home first aid kits: 


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