AED - Outdoor Alarmed Cabinet with Lock (48 x 47 x 31cm)
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Brands: First Aid Kits Australia
Product Code: DESAMAOC
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Our AED - Outdoor Lockable Alarmed Cabinet provides secure outdoor storage and protection for most AED's.

Keypad lock for restricting unauthorised access. 

Weather Proof protection against Dust, Rain, Humidity and the cold. 


    - Weather Proof (Galvanised Steel protects from rust).  

   -  Secure Keypad lock to prevent unauthorised access. 

   -  Strong construction to prevent and alarm to prevent theft.

   -  Wall mountable 

   -  Clearly signed for easy identification in an emergencies. 

   -  Transparent Door to ensure AED is visible/present. 

   -  Size 41 x 33 x 19cm

   -  Does not require Electricity 

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