Low Voltage Rescue Kit - LVR Kit
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Our Low Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit is a must for Electricians. 

It is designed to be used by a rescuer in the event of an of on-site electrocution.

It enables the rescuer to safely rescue the victim without being electrocuted. 

Conforms to requirements of Australian Energy Providers. (AS4836:2011)

Key Features

- Hi-Vis Bag with Reflective font you can be seen in the dark 

- Heavy duty bag that can double as a water bucket

- Insulated Gloves Size 11(AS/NZS IEC60903:2020) - Marked Rescue Only 

- Rescue Crook/Hook (Non conductive - Fully Insulated)

- Multi Trauma Burns Dressing 

- Isolate Here Sign (with string) 

- LED Torch (Non Conductive) 

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