Tourniquet - RapidStop EMS Orange
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The RapidStop Tourniquet is a life saving quick self-application tourniquet that can mitigate the risk of death arising from serious limb injury.

Designed for single handed self-application, it can be applied with only gross motor abilities. It does not move, spin, or twist and remains stable throughout the application process. 


  • Life saving self-application tourniquet
  • For severe bleeding and traumatic injuries
  • Requires only gross motor skills to deploy
  • Can be applied with a single hand in the event the injured victim is alone
  • Achieves full blood flow occlusion in 11 seconds
  • Controls haemorrhage on limbs with circumferences ranging from 7 to 33 inches
  • Large, easy to grab D-Ring, can be cinched tight with one hand
  • Mechanical clasp locks in place quickly and securely; can be loosened to control return of blood flow

To use, follow the easy two-step guided instructions stitched on the product, or utilise the pocket-sized instruction cards or online instructional video.

The RapidStop® Tourniquet is recommended for treatment of traumatic injuries in high-risk industries such as construction, mining as well as extreme outdoor sports and emergency first responders.

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