The Aussie Plumber First Aid Kit - Metal
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Our brand new First Aid Kit is designed specifically for the Australian plumber and the Safe Work Australia - First Aid Code of Practice requirements. Including in this kit is all the basic requirements with added protection of a remote module, burns module and an outdoor model. All this is consistent with the code of practice requirements and will cover you for 1-5 people in your job site. Call us now on 1300 789 541 to discuss your personal situation. We are hear for your safety and committed to delivering you what you need for Australian legislative requirements.

Contents of the K2000PL

Basic Contents to meet Safe Work Australia Guidance:QUANTITY
Instructions for Providing First Aid 1
Notebook and Pen 1
Resuscitation face mask 1
Pair of Disposable nitrile examination gloves 5
3 Pack of Gauze pieces 7.5cm x 7.5cm, sterile 5
Saline 15ml 10
Wound cleaning wipes - AERO Wipes 10
Adhesive fabric dressing strips 50
Splinter Probes (single use, disposable) 10
Tweezers 1
Antiseptic Spray (50ml) 1
Non-adherent wound dressing - 5cm x 5cm (small) 6
Non-adherent wound dressing - 7.5cm x 10cm (medium) 3
Non-adherent wound dressing - 10cm x 10cm (large) 1
Conforming cotton bandage - 5cm width 3
Conforming cotton bandage - 7.5cm width 3
Crepe bandage - 10cm (for serious bleeding and pressure application) 1
Scissors 1
Non-stretch, hypoallergenic adhesive tape - 2.5cm wide roll 1
Safety Pins 12
BPC Wound dressing - No.14 (Medium) 1
BPC Wound dressing - No.15 (Large) 1
Dressing - Combine Pad 10cm x 20cm 1
Plastic bags - clip seal 3
Triangular Bandage (calico) 110cm x 110cm 2
Emergency rescue blanket (for shock or hypothermia) 1
Eye Pad (single use) 4

The included Remote Module is:QUANTITY
Hydro-gel sachets 3.5g - if you don't have clean running water within 20 minutes 5
Instant ice pack (for treatment of soft tissue injuries and some stings) 1
Heavy duty crepe bandage - 10cm (for snake bites) 1
Large clean sheeting (for covering burns) 1
Whistle (for attracting attention) 1
LED Torch 1

The included Outdoor module is:QUANTITY
Heavy duty crepe bandage (included in the Remote module) 1
Sting relief gel - 1g sachets 5

The included Burn Injury module is:QUANTITY
Burn treatment instructions 2
Hydro-gel sachets - 3.5g 8
Hydro-gel dressings 2
Clean polythene sheets (small, medium & large) - the large is included in the remote module 3
Cotton conforming bandage - 7.5cm - included in the normal basic contents. 1

Extra Additions over and above the minimum Requirements for the Aussie Plumber:QUANTITY
Waterproof Dressing Strips 20
Waterproof Dressing Pads (small, medium, large and extra large) 4

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