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We can provide you with a complete first aid kit refit for any of the kits we sell so you can easily restock your kit with minimal effort and stay fully covered. You can also purchase individual items to replace anything that has been used or may have expired to keep your first aid kit up to date and make sure you stay fully covered for your risk requirements.

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K150 Compact Remote Area First Aid Kit - Contents Only
This is the contents only for our most popular item, the K150 Compact First Aid Kit.  This..
K1666 High Risk Remote Area - Contents Only
We now offer the K1666 contents only.  If your bag is still good or you have another Paramedic ..
Safe Work Australia First Aid Kit - REFIT
Our K2000 Safe Work Australia compliant REFIT Kit ensures that you can restock and be..
KREFIT1 - Low Risk First Aid Kit - REFIT
KREFIT1 -  Low Risk First Aid Kit refit for the family home or office kit.  This is suitab..
KREFIT2 - Moderate Risk First Aid Kit - REFIT
KREFIT2 -  Moderate Risk First Aid Kit refit for the Warehouse.  This is suitabl..
KREFIT3 - High Risk First Aid Kit - REFIT
KREFIT3 High risk refit kit for factory or manufacturing first aid kits.  This is suitable to R..
K1010 First Responder - Contents Only
If your K1010 container is still ok and you just need the contents, then save some money and purchas..
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