7.5cm Heavy Crepe Bandage
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Our 7.5cm heavy Crepe top quality bandage gives maximum support for strapping applications. This is the recommended size for snake bite being the size of the fist so as ease of application over the bite and towards the heart keeping even without creasing, for lower leg the use of three on an adult is standard.  

The Heavy Weight Crepe Bandage has a moderate compression to reduce swelling and to offer support following strains and sprains.  These crepe bandages are suitable for use wrist and ankle injuries, knee joint pain, and around the elbow and arm.

We have our own branded MEDICREPE stock which is manufactured by SENTRY. 

The MEDICREPE® (Elastic Crepe Bandage) Heavy range is constructed from a blend of cotton and polyurethane fibres (spandex), giving excellent stretch and memory, with overlocked fast edges. Conforms to BP standards. These bandages are

  • washable, and
  • resuable

Ideal for:

  • strong support bandage
  • snake bite compression bandage for children
  • ankle / wrist injuries



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