Disposable Asthma Spacer - LiteAire
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Collapsible MDI Holding (Asthma Puffer) Chamber - An Innovative Alternative

LiteAire's™ unique dual-valved MDI holding chamber design delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction of the cost.

In most clinical settings, the LiteAire MDI holding chamber can reduce costs by replacing existing rigid plastic holding chambers or inefficient spacers with a cardboard alternative. This unique design allows the LiteAire to be reused by a patient over multiple doses and meets and often exceeds the performance of plastic holding chambers.

  • Dual Valved
  • Pop-Up to Use
  • Portable / Stores Flat
  • Labeled For One Weeks Use
  • No Natural Latex
  • Printed with Soy Ink

The LiteAire delivers true value when used in:

  • Emergency Department / Out Patient Clinic:
    For patients requiring the use of a holding chamber for immediate treatment.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing:
    Clean, disposable, ready to use in a truly single patient use environment;
    reduces the risks of patient cross-contamination;
    designed to accept all MDI's.
  • Short Term Respiratory Infections:
    A cost effective treatment method that meets the short-term needs of the acute respiratory patient.
  • Compliance Efforts:
    Complies with single patient use labeling and regulations, enhanced infection control and greater patient compliance with added convenience and portability.


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