Combine Dressing - 90cm x 20cm
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The combine dressing is used to pack large bleeding wounds after initial bleeding control by direct pressure. They are wound dressings consisting of a highly absorbent thick layer of fleece enclosed in a soft and conformable non-woven fabric, folded over to form a flat tube. The non-woven covered pads have soft end seals to prevent pressure areas from forming.

What is a Combine Dressing?

In first aid, the term combine dressing is used to refer to a type of first aid pad used to dress and treat wounds. While they may differ slightly from one First Aid kit to the next (depending on manufacturer), combine dressing pads are generally made in a similar matter. Generally, a combine dressing pad is made from a thick and usually very absorbent layer of fleece, overlaid by a soft and flexible non-woven fabric which folds over to form a flat tube. There are also soft end seals on the covered pads to ensure that pressure areas are not formed. 

Combine dressing pads are used in (as the name suggests) combination with a host of different kinds of dressings. When being applied with the relevant dressing, it is important to remember that the combine dressing pad should completely cover the wound. This is so as to not just help the wound heal, but to prevent infection(s).

We stock Sentry Medical Combine Dressings that consist of a highly absorbent layer of cellulose blend enclosed in a soft and comfortable non-woven covering fabric with soft end seals.

Ideal for

  • use as primary or secondary dressing
  • medium to heavy exuding wounds


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