AEROPLAST Large Patch - 25 Pack (75x50mm)
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AEROPLAST Large Patches are ideal for cuts and abrasions. They are Latex Free and Hypoallergenic with unparalleled adhesive performance; without leaving residue. 

They comes in the new dispensing system – AEROPLAST™ Vend™ range.

They feature:

  • Most cost effective dispenser system on the market.
  • Clearly defined pictorial of dressing and plaster at front of box for ease of selection.
  • Proprietary, perforated rip off top for ease of removal of an individual plaster
  • Proprietary vending spring providing the ease of dispensing to the very last plaster
  • SUPABOND™ adhesive, a latex free, hypoallergenic solution with unparalleled adhesive performance