Burn Hydrogel Dressing 20cm x 20cm
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Burnaid dressing 20cm x 20cm hydrogel dressing is an approved product for smaller burns

1. Remove all clothing and jewellery surrounding the affected area
2. Do not remove clothing stuck to the burn
3. Place the burn area under cool running water for 20 minutes
4. Do not apply ice, butter or oily creams – as they may cause further damage
5. Post running water place Burnaid Gel or Burnaid Dressing liberally over the burn area*
6. Wrap burn lightly with a plastic sheet of gauze bandage
7. For deep burns, burns larger than a 20 cent piece, chemical burns or burns on a sensitive area of the body – seek medical attention


*Note: If irritation occurs, rinse off with running water

Treatment guidance derived from Australian & New Zealand Buns Association and NSW Severe Burn Injury Service recommendations


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