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Green Plastic Tweezers
Ideal for the removal of splinters A must for every first aid kit and is required as part of ..
Scissors 12.5cm Sharp / Blunt
12.5cm - Sharp blunt stainless steel first aid scissors. Safe use in cutting away bandages and ..
Tweezers Fine Point 12.5cm
Tweezers - Fine point 12.5cm medical grade stainless steel.  Great for splinters and removal of..
First Aid Scissors 9cm Stainless Steel
These First Aid Scissors are an important tool to always have handy in your first aid kit. They..
Universal Shears 18cm
Universal Shears 18cm stainless steel heavy duty with plastic handles.   These will ..
Safety Pins - 12 Pack
Small, lightweight, and multi-purpose items are sure to find their way into my every day first aid&n..
SUTURE Surgicryl PGA Reverse Cutting 3/8 Circle
SMI surgical needles are manufactured from highest quality stainless steel grades for outstanding pe..
Splinter Probes Sterile one use - Pack of 5
Splinter Probes sterile.  They come in packs of 5. Very hand bits of kit for digging out splint..
Splinter Probe Double Ended
Splinter Probe double ended hook and point red capped covered.  Designed for multiple usage. &n..
Eye and Loop Magnetic Removal Double End Stainless
Remove unwanted foreign objects from your eye with an Eye magnet.  Our product is fully stainle..
Eye Wipe Rubber Ends
Description: This is a simple rubber end aid to wipe out foreign objects from the eye.  Very..
Eye Bath Cup
Description: The eye bath cup is an aid to help flush / wipe out foreign bodies from the eye..
Ring Cutter
Ring Cutter stainless steel pro model to use in first aid rooms and hospitals. Precision ..
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