K901 Industry Compliant First Aid KIt - Large, Metal, Wall-mount
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Our K901 Safe Work Australia Compliant Wall-Mount First Aid Kit ensures that you are covered for High risk level workplaces. It contains trauma dressings, burn treatment and eye wash.

If you cut, drill, saw or weld then you need a K901 First Aid Kit close by.  Mount these kits close to the most likely incident will occur and preferably near running water.  The casing is a powder coated metal with stainless steel hinges and built to last.


Risk Rating High No. People Covered Up to 50 Low / Moderate Risk and Up to 25 High Risk
Item Count 123 Case Powder Coated Metal
Type Wall Mount Locale Construction, Manufacturing
colour White sizeL40 x W21 x H51cm  Weight 10.25kg 

It provides assistance with:

  • Wounds, Grazes, Abrasions, Scratches, Cuts, Splinters
  • Deep wounds
  • Strains, Sprains, Tears, Bruises, Dislocations
  • Eye Injury or foreign objects in the eye
  • Mouth and Tooth Injury
  • Stings, Bites

Included is the First Aid Kits Australia Basic Hints Guide with information on:
CPR, Choking, Shock, Bleeding, Heart Attack, Stroke, Vital Signs, Allergies, Head Injuries, Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Venomous Bites and Stings, Poisoning

Other Considerations:

  • Consider the need for a Defibrillator on your site.  
  • Know where your First Aid kit is located at all times.
  • Accessibility and time is a major factor in applying worthwhile First Aid treatment
  • CPR requires an annual refresher.  You could save a life.
K901 Wall Mount QTY
White Powder Coated Wall Mount 1
First Aid Kit Label - Large 1
Conforming Bandage - 2.5cm x 1.5m 2
Conforming Bandage - 5cm x 1.5m 2
Conforming Bandage - 7.5cm x 1.5m 2
Conforming Bandage - 10cm x 1.5m 2
Conforming Bandage - 15cm x 1.5m 1
Hospital Crepe Bandage - 2.5cm x 1.5m 2
Hospital Crepe Bandage - 5cm x 1.5m 2
Hospital Crepe Bandage - 7.5cm x 1.5m 2
Hospital Crepe Bandage - 10cm x 1.5m 2
Heavy Crepe Bandage - 10cm x 1.5m 2
Heavy Crepe Bandage - 15cm x 1.5m 1
Calico Triangular Bandage - 155cm x 110cm 3
Triangular Bandage Non Woven 5
Combined Dressing - 10cm x 10cm 3
Combined Dressing - 10cm x 20cm 2
Combined Dressing - 90cm x 9cm 1
No. 13 Wound Dressing 2
No. 14 Wound Dressing 2
No. 15 Wound Dressing 2
Lite Dressing - 7.5cm x 5cm 2
Lite Dressing - 7.5cm x 10cm 2
Lite Dressing - 7.5cm x 20cm 1
Non Adherent Dressing - 5cm x 5cm 2
Non Adherent Dressing - 10cm x 10cm 1
Non Adherent Dressing - 10cm x 20cm 1
Basic Dressing Pack 3
Burn Dressing - 10cm x 10cm 1
Burn Dressing - 75cm x 75cm 1
Burn Gel Tube - 25g
Gauze Swabs - 5cm x 5cm (2 Pack) 5
Sharps Container Small
Kidney Dish - 10' plastic 1
Cotton Applicators - 100 Pack 1
Zinc Strapping Tape - 1.25cm x 5m 1
Zinc Strapping Tape - 2.5cm x 5m 1
Fabric Dressing Strips - 50 Pack 1
Dressing Roll - 7.5cm x 1m 1
Butterfly Closures - 10 Pack 1
Paper Tape Wrapped - 1.25cm x 9.1m 1
Paper Tape Wrapped - 2.5cm x 9.1m 1
Eye Pad Sterile Single Use  5
Sodium Chloride - 15ml Steri-tube 10
Eye Wipe Rubber Ends 1
Survival Thermal Blanket 1
Antiseptic Spray - 50ml 1
Antiseptic 1g sachet 4
Gloves Large Nitrile (Blue) - 2 Pack 5
Disposal Bags - 3 Pack 2
CPR Pocket Mask in Plastic Case 1
Scissors Surgical - 125mm Sharp Blunt 1
Tweezers - 125mm - Fine Point 1
Safety Pins - 12 Pack 1
Splinter Probes - 5 Pack 2
Medicine Measure - 30ml 1
Instant Ice Large 1
Hot Cold Blue Gel Pack - 29cm x 12cm (with cover) 1
Plastic Cup 1
Note Book 1
Biro 1
First Aid Booklet and Instructions 1

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