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Our K403 G Scale Marine First Aid Kit is for vessels that operate in a variety of water (from smooth water to offshore conditions), such as cabin cruisers, motor yachts, game boats, bay and river cruisers, houseboats, dive boats and sailboats.


The K403 G Scale Marine First Aid Kit is for vessels operating up to 2 hours from help in a range of waters. It provides assistance for small groups who may suffer minor injuries and meets minimum requirements for Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Class G First Aid Kits (if purchased with the Class G Medicine Pack).


Risk Rating Up to 2 Hours from Help ITEM COUNT 73 Items (184 Individual Components)
NO. PEOPLE COVERED Up to 10 Case Water Resistant, Hard Plastic
Type Portable Locale Offshore
COLOUR Green size L40 x W23 x H20cm  Weight 3.25kg

It provides assistance with:

  • Wounds, Grazes, Abrasions, Scratches, Cuts, Splinters, Punctures
  • Strains, Sprains, Tears, Bruises, Dislocations, Fractures
  • Scalds, Burns
  • Eye Injury
  • Stings, Bites
  • Exposure to Cold or Heat

Included is the First Aid Kits Australia Basic Hints Guide with information on:

CPR, Choking, Shock, Bleeding, Heart Attack, Stroke, Vital Signs, Allergies, Head Injuries, Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Venomous Bites, and Stings, Poisoning

Other Considerations:

  • If you will be greater than 2 hours from help, and/or will have more than 10 people on your vessel, you should consider a more comprehensive First Aid Kit.
  • Remember IAW with AMSA regulations this First Aid kit must be checked (and recorded) every 3 months.

  • First Aid Training saves lives.
K403G Contents List QTY
Green Tough Plastic Portable First Aid Box 1
First Aid Label (to be placed on two sides of the First Aid Box) 2
Conforming Bandage - 5cm x 1.5m 1
Conforming Bandage - 10cm x 1.5m 1
Heavy Crepe Bandage - 7.5cm x 1.5m 2
Calico Triangular Bandage - 110cm x 110cm 4
Combined Dressing - 10cm x 10cm 3
Combined Dressing - 10cm x 20cm 2
Non Adherent Dressing - 10cm x 10cm 5
Burn Gel Dressing - 10cm x 10cm 1
No. 13 Wound Dressing - Small 2
No. 15 Wound Dressing - Large 2
Adhesive Roll Non-Woven Fabric - 5cm x 10m 1
Fabric Dressing Strips - 50 Pack 1
Gauze Swabs - 7.5cm x 7.5cm (3 Pack) 3
Eye Pad Sterile Single Use  2
Wound Closure Strips - Wide - 6mm x 38mm 1
Tape Surgical Waterproof - 2.5cm x 5m 1
Tape Surgical Waterproof - 5cm x 5m 1
Small Notebook 1
Plastic Bag Set (S, M, and L) - 3 Pack assorted (Amputated parts bag) 1
Plastic Bag - for disposal of soiled dressings 2
Nitrile Powder Free Blue Gloves - 2 Pack (Large) 10
Safety Pins - 12 Pack 1
Survival Thermal Blanket 1
Instant Ice Large 1
Key Ring Disposable CPR Mask  1
CPR Pocket Mask 1
Splinter Probes - 5 Pack 1
Shears - Stainless Steel - 19cm (minimum) 1
Splinter Forceps - 12.5cm 1
Splint Malleable, Universal - Sam Splint 9" 1
Sodium Chloride - 30ml Steri-tube 6
Povidone Iodine Swabs - Single Use  10
Anaesthetic & Antiseptic Cream - 25g 1
Biro 1
First Aid Booklet and Instructions 1
CPR Instruction Chart or Card 1

The following list of Medicines and Medical Equipment are NOT included in our First Aid kits.

** Reference: National Standards for Commercial Vessels - Part C, Subsection 7A

  E D G F
Adrenaline 1-100 1ml ampoules   5    
Antibiotic Ointment 15g or 20g 1 1    
Amoxycillin 500mg Caps   20    
Doxycyclone 100mg Caps or Tabs   21    
Benzyl Penicillin 600mg with WFI 2ml   5    
Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment 4g 1 1    
Glyceryl Trinitrate 400mcg Spray 1 1    
Morphine 10mg/ml Ampoules   5    
Naloxone 0.4mg/ml Minijet   5    
Paracetamol 500mg / Codeine 30mg Tabs 20 20    
Prochlorperazine 25mg Suppositories 5 5    
Prochlorperazine 12.5mg/ml Ampoules   10    
Prednisolone 5mg Tablet   20    
Salbutamol Inhaler 1 1    
Sodium Chloride and Glucose or Dextrose Compound. Powder sachets, 4.9g approx 10 20    
Antiseptic Cream 30mg     1 1
Hydrocortisone 1% cream 30g       1
Paracetamol 500mg Tabs or Caps     24 48
Paracetamol 500mg / Codeine 8mg       24
Ibuprofen 200mg Tablets       24
Hyoscine Hydrobromide 0.3mg Tablets     10 10
Loperamide 2mg Tablets     20 20
Loratadine HCI 10mg or Fexofenadine HCI 120mg Tablets       10
Antacid Tablets     48 48
Extra Medical Equipment Required        
Splint Set - Vacuum or Air Splint 1 1    
Neck Collar - Multi Size - Rigid - Full Adjustable 1 2    
Syringe with Needle, Sterile, Disposable 1ml   5    
Syringe with Needle, Syringe, Disposable 2ml or 3ml, 23G or 25G   5    
Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs   10    
BVM Air Resuscitator 1 1    
SAE Defribillator   1    
Stretcher   1    
First Aid Oxygen Unit   1    
Ship Captain's Medical Guide, current Edition   1    
Controlled Drug Register   1    


To order either the 'G' or 'F' scale medical pack, we have arranged a partnership with Direct Chemist Outlet Pharmacy, Brisbane Airport Village to deliver the medicines so that we can ship it to you within the same parcel post. They are providing the "F" Scale medical pack for $55 and the "G" Scale medical pack for $33.  Simply select the option above, provide your details for the medicines and we will arrange the rest. 

** Please Note:   If you require Codeine/Paracetamol, there is an additional cost, and you will need to provide an Australian GP prescription. 

This is a requirement for us to be able to order the medicine pack on your behalf.  Please also provide your vessel's name in the checkout special notes.  


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